Featured Collectibles #1 – July 2018 Edition

Iconic vinyl album by Bob Dylan, collage on paper, vintage Commodore computer, antique clock from around 1790… Ownetic presents Featured Collectibles — the first edition of monthly series curated by the editors of the Ownetic Magazine to highlight individual collectibles on the platform.

Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait Album

Bob Dylan - Self portrait - featured collectibles
Odair Faléco’s vinyl record from the Vinyls collection

Bob Dylan’s 1970 album entitled Self Portrait is the tenth studio album of the American icon. The cover design was made by Dylan himself in lithography. The Vinyls collection curated by the Brazilian collector Odair Faléco features an impressive number of vinyl records, including the popular recordings of Rodrigez and Charles Bradley.

Duality by Bartek Jarmoliński

Duality by Bartek Jarmoliński - featured collectibles
,,Duality” is a collage created by a Polish artist Bartek Jarmoliński

Bartek Jarmoliński is a contemporary artist from Łódź, who — as we can learn from his Ownetic profile — creates mainly paintings, photographs and video art. On Ownetic, in addition to collages on paper, we can also admire the paintings made by the artist on canvas.

Commodore 8296 PET

Commodore 8296 PET - featured collectibles
Commodore 8296 PET / a vintage computer from the Santo Nucifora’s collection

Vintage Computers collection, owned by the Canadian collector Santo Nucifora, offers one of a kind opportunity to see how technology has changed over the decades.

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Founded in 1954, The American company Commodore was one of the largest manufacturers of home computers at that time. Much has changed since then, and Santo Nucifora’s collection is an outstanding proof of that.

Toyohina of the Toyomoto

Toyohina of the Toyomoto - featured collectibles
“Toyohina of the Toyomoto” postcard was sent to Jovana by Miku from Japan

Jovana Bošnjak from Serbia is an enthusiast of Serbian folklore and a passionate postcard collector. Showcased postcard is a part of the Around the world collection and presents Ukiyoe Toyohina of the Toyomoto by artist Utamaro Kitagawa.

Hazuki 1/7 scale Nekomimi Dress Ver

Hazuki 1/7 scale Nekomimi Dress Ver - featured collectibles
Hazuki in a Nekomimi Dress Ver is one of the highlights collectibles in Terrah’s collection

Terrah (on Ownetic known as Tee) from the United States is a real Pokémon collector and as she puts it — a “cat friend”. In addition to figures and plush, she also collects anime-inspired figures. Hazuki, created by Kohata Takahiro, in her white, cat outfit is one of them!

A Small Brass Hook and Spike Lantern Striking Wall Clock

A Small Brass Hook and Spike Lantern Striking Wall Clock, signed Geo Clarke, Londini Fecit, circa 1760 - featured collectibles
Look closer at the clock face to notice George Clarke’s signature

Dean’s collection consists of remarkable antique clocks from England, France and Germany. The featured wall clock is signed by the British watchmaker George Clarke and dates back to around 1760.

Black Series Shocktrooper Helmet

Black Series Shocktrooper Helmet - featured collectibles
Brenden Dawley’s collection of helmets

Brenden Dawley from Kansas City is a true collector, devoted entirely to films. His “otherworldly collection of film memorabilia” is a carefully curated selection of replicas and objects that — as Brenden mentions in the interview — came from the films he loves. They are unique pieces of the movies that he wanted to have. One of his most iconic collectibles is the helmet from the Black Star Wars series.

16g Pinfire Shotgun Pistol

16g Pinfire Shotgun Pistol - featured collectibles
Aaron Newcomer is a product photographer and a collector of revolvers

Casimir Lefaucheux was a French gunsmith and a revolver designer — the revolvers he designed now bear his name. The “Pinfire Guns” collection that belongs to Aaron, known on Ownetic as Lefaucheux, is an impressive collection of the originally designed weapons.

Neva/Pobieda Watch “Spasskaja Baszta”

Neva/Pobieda Spasskaja Baszta - featured collectibles
A collection of Enkil’s watches contains about 300 specimens now!

Enkil’s real “hoarding” began when he saw his daughter playing with an old incomplete “Raketa” — a flagship Soviet watch. That was the moment his collecting journey began. The piece presented above comes from the Petrodvorets Watch Factory and its face depicts Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower.

“Cutting grass with the brand new mower” Photograph

cutting grass with the brand new mower - featured collectibles
As Marek says on Ownetic: “Having a mower in the 70s in Poland was a big thing!”

Photography has always served us to capture the moment, a snapshot that we would like to keep. The collection of Marek Pasieczny from Poland is a selection of family photographs revolving around his father. The photos in My father’s life in a timelapse collection depict special, important occasions — such as weddings — but also not so ordinary everyday reality. For example, cutting grass with a new mower in the 70s is definitely a notable event worth preserving!