Featured Collectibles #5 – November 2018 Edition

Comic art, antique clock, and fascinating stamps  — take a look at the objects picked by the Ownetic Magazine in the November overview of the most intriguing collectibles.

Photo Painting 17:38:18 (2007/2018)

Nadia Na describes herself as an explorer of visual possibilities and wanderer through time and movement. Follow her collections and join her in search of the not-so-obvious.

[Unknown] Spaceman

Calibarco’s collection of comic art consists of 45 works of various artists and this one is a great example of its beauty.

Selous National Park 150, 1993 Stamp

Nasturman’s stamp series presents interesting collections. We love this one of Tanzania National Parks.


Agata Stępień is an intriguing artist and researcher. She shares her artworks from the Body Games collection on Ownetic.

Flowers and mashrooms

Surrealist paintings created and shared by Krzysztof can provoke to numerous interpretations.

James Dean (1996)

An iconic actor and a symbol of his generation – James Dean is a valuable part of Nazrai Zabidi’s stamp collection from the legends of Hollywood series.

Schwarzes Regen

Laura Bodewig in her exo suit from the series Infinite Stratos is another impressive model from TheLightLOD’s collection of Anime Figurines.

Full by Bartek Jarmoliński

Bartek’s collection of artworks has many devoted followers. We are excited when his new works appear on Ownetic and this one is worth checking out.


Dean’s antique clocks are magnificent and Dean is eager to share stories behind them which makes his collection not only visually interesting but also captivating.

Jean-Baptiste Jacques AUGUSTIN, 1759-1832. Une nouvelle excellence dans l’art du portrait en miniature

The Tansey Miniatures Foundation shares some of their the most intriguing objects on Ownetic. You can find them in three collections: Exhibitions, Miniatures, and Books.