Featured Collectibles #3 – September 2018 Edition

Mass effect figurines, captivating artworks, and an intriguing vintage pocket watch — check out Ownetic Magazine’s favorites from the objects shared in September.

ALONE by Robert Słuszniak

Alone man, Kraków's Main Square
A beautiful photography taken by Robert Słuszniak shows a man standing on the Kraków’s Main Square in the first rays of sunshine.

Aston Martin DB 2/4

Aston Martin DB 2/4 1:43 model
KUM-67’s collections of toy car models take us on a journey through the history of motorization. This Aston Martin is outstanding!

02 Infantas anatomy by Przemysław Wideł

wideł's drawings
Przemysław Wideł is a Polish artist painter, cartoonist, illustrator, comic creator, installation and video designer. 02 Infantas anatomy belongs to his series of drawings Infanta in (not)wonderland.

Nova Scotia, Canada (1969)

postcard from nvova scotia
Fiona collects postcards show well-known cities, places, monuments, and figures. The one with a woman cooking a lobster at the beach in Nova Scotia, issued in 1969, really caught our eye.

Chronometre Repetition

vintage pocket watch
This beautiful vintage pocket watch shared by ALI Muka stole the hearts of the entire community on Ownetic.

Ireland Halfcrown

old Irish coins
Michael’s collection of Irish coins includes some interesting examples. This half-crown is worth checking out.


japanese action figures
Reika is a part of a large collection of action figures shared by TheLightLOD.

Mass Effect Figurines 1

mass effect collectibles
Robert is a huge Mass Effect fan and his collection of figures, posters and books is really impressive.

Pacific Ocean at Maria State Beach #4 by Maria Kazanskaya

Kazanskaya's paintings
Maria Kazanskaya’s paintings shared in her collection Pacific Ocean illustrate the ocean from different perspectives.

City #1 by Mateusz Feliksik

Feliksik's paintings
Mateusz Feliksik, a Polish artist, shows a modern city from a bird’s eye view perspective.