Featured Collectibles #2 – August 2018 Edition

Bandai model kit of Kylo Ren from Star Wars, Vladimir Tarasenko’s All-Star Game Sweater or a life-size sculpture created by Brett F Harvey — take a look at the objects picked by the Ownetic Magazine in the August overview of the most intriguing collectibles.

Body language — The purest form of communication by Lene Kilde

body language lene kildeLene’s sculptures present the purest form of communication — body language. Her works are inspired by children’s gestures and positions of the body parts, especially hands and feet. By focusing on particular body parts, the artist leaves room for imagination and creativity.

Kylo Ren — Star Wars

kylo ren star warsPatryk’s collection of Star Wars figures includes the most iconic characters from the latest episodes of the series. We specifically distinguish this Kylo Ren model for its magnificent manufacturing and perfectionism. Kylo and other figures from the collections are crafted by the Bandai company in Japan.

Denigration AP by Brett F Harvey

denigration apBrett F Harvey’s life-size sculpture Denigration AP cast in gypsum cement with weathering steel is an outstanding example of what he sees as his own concepts of masculinity and beauty.

Vladimir Tarasenko’s 2017 All-Star Game Sweater

vladimir tarasenko sweater all star game nhl 2017Brian’s first object shared on Ownetic embodies the affection many sport memorabilia collectors feel for their favorite players and teams. Vladimir Tarasenko is one of the brightest stars of the NHL and his autographed All-Star outfit is a precious collectible.

Jac Doll made by Robert Tonner

jac doll robert tonnerWe’ve chosen Jac doll as an ambassador of Katarzyna’s captivating collection. The doll was designed and manufactured by the Tonner Doll Company, led by Robert Tonner — famous fashion designer and doll artist.

MusicCom Phonecard

jimi hendrix phoncardJimi Hendrix was an icon in the 60s and his music inspired many leaders of the social movements. Inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”, the charismatic musician was honored in many ways. Phone cards with his image are nice reminders of his impact on music, culture and social changes.

Karol Śliwka

karol śliwka

Filip’s collection of design books is a must-see for those who want to find some inspirations and learn more about the design history. The catalog of the best Śliwka’s projects and works consist of trademarks, posters, ads and CD covers.

Peugeot 403 Cabriolet Toy Car

peugeot 403 cabriolet toy carToy cars from Carso’s collection present the history of the automobile and Peugeot 403 Cabriolet from 1957 is definitely worth checking out.

Prince — the Patron of Hackers by Bartek Jarmoliński

prince bartek jarmolinskiPrince created by Jarmoliński belongs to his cycle Santo Subito/Sacrum commercium. It’s a provocative creation which makes us think about how the media portray pop culture icons.

Rupees Five, Nepal

5 rupees nepalHugo is a passionate collector of banknotes from around the world. Rupees Five was issued by Nepal Rastra Bank and presents beautiful sceneries and traditional architecture on the obverse side and yaks on the reverse.